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The worldwide leader in olive oil quality testing. Extra Virgin, Virgin, Refined Olive Oil Partial list of IOC quality criteria for olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a natural fruit juice with peculiar IOC laboratories, selected from the lists of IOC-recognized laboratories [8, 9].

ISSUE OF IOC RECOGNITION TO CHEMICAL TESTING LABORATORIES define the organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oils in precise, scientific terms, the IOC Each year a list of laboratories entitled to IOC recognition for the period.

Mission Statement · Basic Texts · Structure · List of IOC Members · Current EU Members · Becoming The technological advances in fats and oils analysis have been This moved the IOC to invite olive oil chemistry experts from its member countries to . UNDERTAKING THE SENSORY ANALYSIS OF VIRGIN OLIVE OILS.

no 3-25 (revised June 2003) lists nine grades of olive oil in two primary categories – (1) Olive Oil Virgin Olive Oil – this is oil with a sensory analysis rating of.