TGP Look Book 2017 - tgp fireframe-heat barrier series


Detail Drawings | Fire-Rated Fireframes Heat Barrier Series tgp fireframe-heat barrier series

Fireframes® Heat Barrier Series doors and frames combined with Pilkington Pyrostop® glass, provides a barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer. The system also allows full-lite fire doors for aesthetic or security reasons. All door hardware for Heat Barrier Series doors is.

View detail drawings for fire-rated Fireframes Heat Barrier Series from Technical Glass Products. Find all technical drawing details here.

Brand: Technical Glass Products (TGP Fire Rated). Product family: Fire-Resistive. Product group: Fireframes Heat Barrier Series.

Fireframes® Heat Barrier Series-Window with Weld Joinery and Corner Conditions Multi-2 Brand: Technical Glass Products (TGP Fire Rated).

The Fireframes® Designer Series doors and frames incorporate precise European Please check with TGP for compatability “barrier to heat” framing, please contact Technical Glass Products regarding Fireframes® Heat Barrier Series.