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Penis problems: spots, blisters, warts, discharge of the penis unhealing lessions under forskin of penis

Elsewhere on the skin the lesions may be few or many, but it is very rare not to . In men, the glans and foreskin are usually affected, but not the perianal region. The lesions heal with time, leaving a hyperpigmented patch.

Your penis tip, shaft, or foreskin can get cut for many reasons. A cut is usually nothing to worry about. Like any cut, it'll heal relatively quickly. It's usually caused by not washing under the foreskin thoroughly, getting a.

Causes of a cut on the penis can include friction, scratching, and accidents. Sometimes, these lesions can look similar to cuts. not cleaning under the foreskin; bacterial or yeast infections; STIs; irritation from soaps A person should see a doctor for cuts that are large, do not heal, or bleed excessively.

Read about penile cancer, a rare type of cancer that occurs on the skin of the penis or heal within 4 weeks; bleeding from the penis or from under the foreskin sores that don't heal or it's becoming increasingly difficult to clean under your.

Don't worry about cleaning under the foreskin. Simply wash the penis with soap and rinse. Do not forcibly pull back a baby's foreskin. Doing so.