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How can you expect your partner to swallow something you're afraid to taste? I must say I find it incredibly unsexy when a woman refuses to kiss me after I've.

A lot of Men would like to try to taste their own semen; however usually immediately after ejaculation the desire subsides and they never get to experience it.

I love eating my own cum. It's a total turn on. My ex girlfriend was jerking me off one day and my cock was extremely hard and throbbing. I knew I was going to.

I eat my own cum all the time. I lick my hands clean when I masturbate. I have a girlfriend who loves me to cum on her boobs and then I lick her clean.

This Is What Tasting Your Own Semen Can Do For Your Sex Life I believe semen (or cum, jizz, you can pick your creamy word of choice) is a.