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Top 5 Ways to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage married sex moves

Pull out any one of these 10 moves and get ready for hotter, better-than-makeup sex.

"After twenty years of marriage, there's a fairly good chance one of us is too tired to think about sex, so I'll challenge my husband to a game of.

Most couples will go through dry spells when they have sex less. Read five ways to spice up your sex life no matter how long you have been married. Watching an erotic film with your lover can help get you both into the.

There are times when married life hits rough patches. There are also times when things can get stale or routine. That's when you need to up the “sexy” factor.

Here are 10 best sex positions for a newlywed couple starting to experiment on getting to know each other's bodies or have been married for a.