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Language. Sex. Violence. Other? is the fifth studio album by alternative rock band Stereophonics. Produced by Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe, it was released on 14.

After two releases that most fans would describe as "totally pussy" and the departure of beloved drummer Stuart Cable, the Stereophonics.

It's hard work reviewing a Stereophonics album. For a start, it involves having to sit all the way through a Stereophonics album. Then you're.

Superman, 5:08. Doorman, 3:49. Brother, 4:04. Devil, 4:41. Dakota, 4:57. Rewind, 4:46. Pedalpusher, 3:18. Girl, 1:59. Lolita, 3:26. Deadhead, 3:34. Feel, 3:45.

Decade in the Sun: Best of Stereophonics by Stereophonics (2008-11-18) It might be their fifth album, but Stereophonics view Language. Sex. Violence.