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National Nude Day Exists! 11 Ways to Celebrate Without Getting Arrested. national nudist day

On July 14th, laundry is unnecessary. It's National Nude Day! Enjoy an air bath or explore the benefits of the naturist movement.

Can you guess?? July 14, my dear naturalists, is a day dedicated entirely to being nude. Well, not entirely, because National Nude Day.

July 14 is National Nude Day — here's how to celebrate, from reading up on naturism's history to visiting a nudist resort.

Nudist groups around the world celebrate National Nude Day by going “au naturel” on July 14. Nudism is the act of practicing nudity, or arguing for the right to do.

When is National Nude Day, you ask? Mark your calendars for National Nude Day on July 14th, and create your own nude day celebration!.