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ford escort 1.8 16v, t i have a ford escort 1998 1.8 16v and need to remove and replace the water pump You will need to remove the raidator and the water.

While changing my timing belt, I realized that my waterpump (either the my buddies 91 GT with the 1.8L to do that same thing (water pump).

I need to replace the water pump as the old one is leaking, my car has the type with 4 bolts on the pulley but the Haynes manual is based on.

Ford Escort Water Pump Replacement costs between $292 and $821 on average . water pump is driven by the timing belt, it is a good idea to replace the water.

If you change to the 1800 sump, you must use the 1.8 Escort/Fiesta oil pickup pipe, Well the difference between the 1.8 Escort/Fiesta water pump, and the.