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C.K Automatic Wire Stripper | Pliers & Cutters | Screwfix.com automatic wire stripper

All automatic wire strippers should be this easy to use! With this wire stripper all you have to do is set the strip length, insert a wire, squeeze the handles, and.

Product description. Capacity: 10-22 AWG Allows automatic wire stripping and terminal placing. Cuts and pinches off insulation in one quick motion.

Order online at Screwfix.com. For stripping flat or round cable and wire. Features an integrated wire cutter with micro-adjustment knob for stripping wires smaller.

Find the best wire strippers for your needs. There are two basic categories of wire strippers: the manual and the compound automatic.

Strips wire in a fraction of the time of traditional tools. Automatically adjusts to give damage free stripping of flat and round wires. Hardened steel blades for a.