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He Took 'Upskirt' Photos While She Washed Her Car: Cops | Newport Beach, CA Patch police upskirts

A man accused of surreptitiously taking videos up the skirts of more than 500 women in Madrid has been arrested, the Spanish police said Wednesday. The man, identified only as a 53-year-old Colombian living in Madrid and working in a warehouse, filmed women in the city’s subway.

A pervert has been arrested by Spanish police for allegedly 'upskirting' more than 550 women, some of them minors, on public transport and in.

He Took 'Upskirt' Photos While She Washed Her Car - Newport Beach-Corona Del Mar, CA - Irvine Cops seek additional victims who may have.

A man has been arrested in Madrid on suspicion of taking upskirt Police started monitoring the suspect and arrested him while filming a.

A man was arrested at an east Madison grocery store Sunday afternoon, according to police.