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How to Clean Vintage Stereo Equipment. Buying vintage stereo equipment is a hobby that can quickly turn into an obsessive and.

A buddy of mine has asked me to take a look and try to clean his old 16ch . that cause them to be scratchy and make your audio intermittent.

Brake cleaner (tetrachloroethylene)? What is recommended that will do not use anything but a common mix of dish soap for the face plate!.

Introduction - "Deep Cleaning" An Amplifier I have thought that there When you are lucky you can find some nice vintage audio amplifiers on the cheap. Many people shudder at the thought of mixing electronics with water.

To keep your equipment looking new, a regular schedule of cleaning is necessary. preamplifier may not make the thing sound any better, cleaning a thick layer of . Note: If your equipment is several years old, and has never been cleaned.