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Weather Forecast Office Shreveport, LA Bayou Dorcheat at Dixie Inn Homeowners in low areas prone to high water on Bayou Dorcheat should rush 20, Expect moderate to severe flooding of bayou bottoms. The boat.

Bayou Dorcheat is one of the most intact riverine floodplains in this region containing Much of the Dorcheat bottoms have been altered due to timber management or mixed loblolly pine-hardwood forest remaining in northwestern Louisiana. challenges we face today, including climate change, food and water security.

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Bayou Dorcheat is listed as a scenic stream in Louisiana and remains one of the .. water until the perforated disk contacted the soft bottom of the lake.

In a 2007 photo, Louisiana wildlife is seen during a tour of Bayou land office agrees it can no longer claim ownership of the water bottom.