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Nineplus USA – Nineplus Inc vintage soul wetsuits run small

I'm considering a Vintage Soul or a Nineplus fullsuit.Yeah they Does anyone knows either brand's sizing compared to O'neils? Thanks to.

With todays technology, wetsuits are warm, flexible, rash free and extremely comfortable. Why go . Well, I hope the "new" retro suits fit better than the old ones.

What do beavertails have to do with having soul. In fact if you look back at the term soul as referred to by surfers, then Vintage Soul wetsuits simply does not fit.

You may also find other latest Wetsuits:Vintage Soul - Surf Jacket selling and buying We kept the olds school fit; a little longer than todays jackets. Can be worn over our short john as a long-sleeve shorty or over our long john as a full suit.

Depending on the thickness, it could run up to about 150.00 per sheet. . The " Sharkskin" suits had small squares imbedded into the skin, which was .. and the one sold by Vintage Soul has the jacket cut like a girl's suit!.