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The body is buried naked and nothing is used to mummify it. Excision in the Today the men wear the ordinary imported loin cloth but the women still go naked .

Mambilla woman cooking cornmeal porridge ("FUFU") in a clay pot on a typical hearth Clothed Mambilla boy and naked girl holding baby on her back from.

The sòò of women takes place during female years and consists in singing licentious songs at night, possibly performed naked (according to some informants). These are 71 Mambila women have a similar ritual, in which they mimic coitus.

attacks, the men tried to defend the communities while the women, children and elderly looked for ways to escape. Also, in Interview with Amnesty International in Mambila, Taraba State, 27 April 2018. 8 had to run like that, half-naked.

fulani woman with a mobile phone - fulani stock photos and pictures Fulani woman in traditional clothes with large earrings in a village near Djenne Mali.