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A digital rectal exam (DRE) is a test for both men and women. It allows a doctor to check the lower rectum, pelvis, and lower belly for cancer and other health problems, including: A doctor may perform a DRE as part of a routine medical examination.

Rectal examination is an important part of the abdominal Anterior to the lower 1 /3 of the rectum lie different structures in men and women.

A rectal examination is a type of physical examination during which a doctor or nurse you'd prefer a man or woman to perform the examination; you'd like.

Rectal examination consists of visual inspection of the perianal skin, digital pelvic organs in women and may offer a better examination of the anterior rectum .

Digital rectal examination (DRE - female). Sign, defined by ICS as: The gloved finger should be placed in the center of the anus with the finger parallel to the skin.